Tommy Gray

Hello from me Tommy Gray
I have been involved in the DJ business for most of my adult life
starting off in our local scout hall
 Just so happen to be the only one who came forward and said ok i will play the records the rest is history
So that was the start of my journey covering local youth clubs and social dances
my first big break came after i was asked to do an audition for a city centre disco   Which my idol the legend that is Mr Tiger Tim Stevens had the  residency he at that time had just got the position on the new radio station Clyde 261 I spent 5 years in clouds & The Apollo disco which at the time it was the place to be My highlight came when i was offered to Audition for Radio Clyde that was my goal
but sadly that came to an end at that time i decided to give deejaying a try When i got Married and started a family
But always had the drive to return to the business until the present. Thats when Discotronic started so i was back working functions,school discos  And business started to pick up bigger and better bookings  Just like the Renfrew ferry then i was then offered to do some Christmas party night And in the Glasgow Moat House Hotel and the Glasgow Marriott Hotel
where i very quickly became there DeeJay supplyer and which i still have to this day   which is are fantastic venues to be a part off and still cover functions weddings and quite a lot of corporate work Then the opportunity to join The Online Station and The Big Radio Network   On Wednesdays with the Apollo Classics from 10pm till midnight …….. well the journey continues